About Us

What is GWS?
GW - Go Well, meaning wellness, always goes well in health.
S - Spring, represents an awakening and symbolize rejuvenation.


About GWS
At GWS Gourmet Healthy Food, we serve Healthy Asian Fusion Cuisine cooked with modern techniques - Sous Vide. We believe in guilt-free meals, good for taste and for your body - "Making Healthy Food Taste Great!"


Our Signature - Sous Vide
What is Sous Vide? Spa bath for food. 

We specialise in Sous-Vide cooking and strive to serve you proteins at its optimal doneness. Our perfectly cooked meat are where we shine - GWS provides juiciest chicken breasts, silkiest salmon fillets, and the most tantalizing steaks you can find anywhere. 

GWS achieves this perfection through the Sous Vide process of cooking most of our proteins and vegetables. While Sous Vide cooked food is mostly found only in gourmet restaurants, at GWS, we offer it to everyone readily at an affordable pricing, fully customizable to your dietary needs.

We are well received by majority of the public who came and tried our food, so be sure to order and give us a try!